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Below are Happy Birthday Status for whatsapp. We hope you like our collection of best birthday wishes messages,happy birthday to me status,my birthday status. These  birthday wishes for best friends. Birthday is another part of life,we celebrate it on occasion of our birth. For all those people who always looking for birthday wishes greeting and status are on right place because we update our page with more than 150+ best birthday status message quotes sms for your friend. We celebrate our birthday once in a year and that day we receive lots of birthday wishes. So its a great chance for you to make someone birthday more special by sending these beautiful birthday status. We hope you will like it and do not forget to share these wishes as much as you can.


Birthday Status
Birthday Status


Happy Birthday Status


May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

They say that you can count your true friends on 1 hand – but not the candles on your birthday cake! #1Happybirthday

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

So many candles for such a small cake? Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Well, you are another year older and you haven’t changed a bit. That’s great because you are perfect just the way you are. Happy Birthday.

You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face. Happy Birthday!

Take a day off to celebrate you birthday. Take a year off and tell people you are younger. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the begining of your greatest, most wonderful year ever!

When the world works right, good things happen to and for good people and you are definitely good people. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a day that is as special in every way as you are. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

You have to get older, but you don’t have to grow up.

You are my friend. You are always there for me, supporting me, encouraging me , listening to me and all those other things that friends do. Happy Birthday Friend.

Set the world on fire with your dreams and use the flame to light a birthday candle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Thinking of you on your birthday, and wishing you all the best! I hope it is as fantastic as you are, you deserve the best and nothing less.

Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest. Happy Birthday.

I hope that you have the greatest birthday ever from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until they close late at night.

Birthday Wishes Status

On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

They say you lose your memory as you grow older. I say forget about the past and live life to the fullest today. Start with ice cream. Happy Birthday.

Hope your birthday is totally cool, really funtastic, wonderful, exciting, majorly awesome, rocking and HAPPY. Happy Birthday wishes.

Be your own light. Find your own way. It should be easy with all those candles.

Some people get wiser with age. Some people get richer with age. But everybody gets older with age. So good luck on the other two & Happy Birthday!

I wish that I could be the greatest friend in the world, but there is no way to be a better friend than you are. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Your birthday should be a national holiday. I need a day off. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes

You are a gift to the world. How is that for a reverse birthday wish. Happy Birthday.

It is your birthday so I’ll make the toasts and you make the boasts. Happy Birthday.


Best birthday wishes 


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A candle a day creates a large fire on your cake. Happy Birthday.

Seek out challenges – like blowing out all those candles on your birthday cake.

I hope that today is the beginning of a great year for you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Happy Birthday !! Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come.

I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday. Just one more year and you will be perfect. Yes, I did say that last year.

You have a birthday twinkle in your eye so have fun and know we love you fairy, fairy much. Happy Birthday.

Live today like it is a special gift, because it is the best birthday gift. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. Wishing you more glorious and wonderful years on the surface of the earth – or wherever you might be.

Birthday Wishes Status

May your heart naturally beat with the happiness and laughter that you give others. Happy Birthday.

Break every rule you can. Lie about your age. Live loudly. And have unforgettable & Happy Birthday.

You don’t have to grow up, you don’t have to grow old, just have a Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday. Hope it’s one of the best ever!!!!… a lovely birthday for a lovely person!

Happy Birthday. I wish you well and I hope all you birthday wishes come true!

Wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Happy Birthday to a friend who means more to me than chocolate.

Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a blast!!!

Things I like about you: humor, looks, everything. Happy Birthday.

Watch out world. You are old enough to know what to do and how to do it. Happy Birthday.

I love celebrating with you. Thanks for having a birthday and giving us a reason.

When I paint my masterpiece, I am pretty sure there will be a spot for you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Happy Birthday. I hope that you will have a truly marvelous and joyous day with family and friends.

Enjoy your birthday and every day to the fullest. A Happy Birthday is just part of a Happy Life.


Birthday wishes for best friend


Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes for email cards

May you always get what you ask for, but you may you always the right things. Happy Birthday. Oh, I didn’t get you anything.

Best wishes for a happy birthday and may you enjoy your next year on this planet – or wherever you happen to be.

Remember to say thank you for the birds that sing & thank you for this birthday thing.

No matter how hard you try to fit in, you were born to stand out. Now celebrate that fact.

Birthday Wishes Status

Hey bae, wishing you a #BirthdayOnFleek. #1HappyBirthday

Hope your day is simply terrific! Happy Birthday.

It doesn?t matter where you are or what you are doing, what matters is who you are. I like who you are. Happy Birthday.

I wish you a wonderfulBirthday!! I hope you have an amazing day and lots of fun! Enjoy this day, you deserve it!

Time waits for no one but that doesn’t matter if you don’t wait for it! Happy Birthday.

Today is not the end of another year, but the start of a new one. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Being young is a privilege. Being attractive a genetic gift. Being cool, that is all you. Happy Birthday.

May your days always be full of sunshine and rain, waterfalls and deserts, butterflies and bees and everything else that life has to offer. Happy Birthday.

May you create a memory today that becomes your happy place in all the many years yet to come. Happy Birthday.

Wishing you metric tons of happiness on your birthday. Enjoy it.

You make the world a better place by just being you. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you love and happiness on your birthday. Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes Status

Eat, drink and make merry because it is your birthday. Happy Birthday.

You aren’t getting older, you are getting better. Happy Birthday.


My birthday status


Enjoy the party before you reach the age that all the young girls call you sir. Happy Birthday.

May life’s brightest joys illuminate your path, and may each day’s journey bring you closer to your dreams! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

I wish you happiness, health and so many good things in your life. Happy Birthday!

Don’t wait for others to do things for you. Be happy now & start with your birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

What should we celebrate first: your accomplishments or your birthday?

Out of the 19,178,082 people having a birthday today, you rank solidly in my top 10 list.

Happy Birthday to a lovely & vibrant individual!

Birthday greetings and birthday wishes

You remind me of you at your age. Young and good looking! Happy Birthday!

I am your friend who will always be there, whether you serve birthday cake or not.

You are only young once, but you can be immature forever. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Set your sights high. Achieve your goals. Aways be the best you possible. And have a Happy Birthday.

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend like you, then you have truly been lucky. I count myself as lucky. Happy Birthday.

Your birthday has emboldened a crew of anti-establishment operatives and activists who intend to celebrate.

Birthdays don’t have to follow the law correlating higher returns with more risk. I hope that yours is risk-free and super-great.

A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age. Happy Birthday.

You are only young once – if you tell the truth about your age! Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

My therapist suggests setting clear goals in life, such as living until your next birthday. Am I crazy to pay for advice like that? Anyway, that is also my suggestion to you.

Judge and you shall be judged they say. So I have no comment on your age. Happy Birthday.

Some people look old and feel young. Some people look young and feel old. Some people like us look young and feel young. Feels good to party on your birthday doesn’t it?

You are like a fine wine, you keep getting better with age. Happy Birthday.


Happy birthday wishes


You are only as old as you look – Here, use these glasses. Happy Birthday.

You perform well under pressure but you should feel no pressure as you celebrate your birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

I wish you the best birthday ever! I hope you get lots of kisses and hugs. Happy Birthday!

Hope you have wonderful birthday filled with fun, excitement and joy. Happy Birthday.

When time gets the jump on you, it won’t matter any more. Until then, party like it is your birthday.

I hope your BIG BRIGHT STAR keeps on shining. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

May you always the most precious things in life: health, peace, love and happiness. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Today it’s your day and it’s always gonna be, so be happy & enjoy every second of life because you deserve the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Birthday Wishes Status

Happy Birthday. Hope it’s one of the best ever!!! A lovely birthday for a lovely person!

May your day shine brightly like your smile, with the warmth of your heart, & a day that reflects as wonderful as you are. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday! You are only young once so enjoy it to the fullest. Time passes way too fast and you don’t get these years back.

Life can be one crazy thing after another. Sort of like your birthdays, they seem to just keep rolling on. Oh well, at least pause and enjoy it.

Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes

Happy moments. Happy thoughts. Happy Dreams. Happy feelings. Happy Birthday.

Stay on top of your deadlines. Celebrate your birthday on time!

Birthday Wishes Status

Always be yourself because you are great the way you are. Happy Birthday.

Accepting that which you can not change relieves stress. Sponsored by the Age without Silly Stress Coalition.

Celebrate the joy and peace of leaving the past behind and moving forward.


Whatsapp birthday wishes


If they had draft picks of people celebrating their birthday, you would definitely be chosen in the first round.

I want to wish you happiness for your birthday and every day. Happy Birthday.

The candles on your cake won’t start a fire if you don’t light them, but that isn’t what candles are for. Keep lighting up the world on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

I hope you have a wonderful day and get everything you want! Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being a wonderful person and an inspiration. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, may each hour and minute be filled with delight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Happy Birthday! Keep being you, no matter what anyone says, you are a great person. Uh who said what? Uh…

Today is your birthday! Well, if that isn’t the frosting on the cake!

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and I truly hope that you enjoy it to the fullest.

Birthday Wishes Status

Friends like you share happiness that does not depend on what happens or what is said. Happy Birthday.

The whole world is in on the secret that there is something incredibly sweet about you. Happy Birthday.

I am glad that you have a sunny disposition because the 10 day forecast is for you to get older every day! Happy Birthday!

Strike up conversations with strangers at stores and on the street and show interest & make yourself the life of the party always. Happy Birthday.

A positive outlook yields beneficial results. A great birthday yields more fun.

Get your blood pumping & enjoy a wild and crazy birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

You always go with your strengths and you have so many of them. That is a strength all by itself. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday my wonderful friend! You’ve accomplished so much in such a short time. Hope this year is the best yet.

Happy birthday! Enjoy this year and use it as a launchpad for your future!

Wake up! Drink your coffee! It is time to start your day! Birthdays only come once per year.

Investigators continue to search for proof that you could be getting older because there is no evidence since you look as young for ever. Happy Birthday

Birthday Messages and Birthday Wishes for email cards

Blood is thicker than water. Birthday cake is sweeter than either. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Wishes Status

It would make mighty happy if you have a mighty happy birthday.

You squeeze every drop of life out of every moment and I admire you for that. Happy Birthday and may you have many more days to squeeze.

A friend is someone that knows your age and still says that you look really young! Happy Birthday.

Life may be full of ups and downs, but your age only knows how to go up. And up.

Although I really want to wish you a happy birthday in the most sincere way, I do not intend to tattoo it on my body.


Birthday quotes


Make sure to wear clean clothes today. People tend to pay more attention to you on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Your creativity leads you in many directions even as your age seems to be headed always in the same direction.

You are already living the bright future that awaits you. Happy birthday.

You can keep your head down and avoid notice on your birthday or you can shout it out with celebration.

Your humor & wit will always keep you in high demand on the social circuit, so go have a fun birthday.

Keep on living the dream: 1 day at a time and 1 year after another.

Celebrate your birthday. Go have lots of fun. Everybody should enjoy it and have tons of fun. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Wishing a very special person a very special day. Happy Birthday.

Party hard – this is YOUR day, and only yours! Happy Birthday!

Have a wonderful day, get many nice presents and have a lot of fun!! Happy Birthday!

I hope that your special day is full of fun and happiness and everything that you enjoy. Happy Birthday!

Have an amazing birthday. It only comes one day a year so do something to make it memorable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

I hope that you smell good on your birthday so people don’t sing that song about you looking like a monkey on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes Status

Renew yourself every day. Reinvent yourself whenever necessary. Celebrate your birthdays but don’t count the years.

You give so much to all of us. May you get even a portion of it in return as you celebrate your birthday.

Have a wonderful day, get many nice presents and have a lot of fun!! Happy Birthday!


Birthday messages


Keep being awesome, and always take care. Happy Birthday!

Reach for the stars. You can do it. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday!!! I hope this is the begining of the greatest year ever so far for you!

Birthday Wishes Status

Thinking of you with love on your birthday and wishing you everything that brings you happiness today and always.

Just when the caterpillar thinks that it is all grown up, it becomes a butterfly. Happy Birthday Butterfly.


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